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How To Create A Succulent Bowl

From fish-tanks to picture frames, succulents are popping up everywhere. But are all those fun constructions really as easy as they look?

No more hours spent feeding or watering all summer long with traditional gardens --- make the switch to fun, low-maintenance succulents and do more with less.

Succulents are capable of thriving in even the smallest of containers, from terrariums to pots and troughs and even suspended baskets --- they’ve spent hundreds of millions of years adapting to the sorts of dry, inhospitable environments that’d ordinarily kill any of your other plants dead. In fact, depending on the climate where you live, you might even be able to get away with not watering succulents in containers for months and a time, so long as you occasionally splash them with a hose when it’s drier.

That means they’re plant-y happy to hang out anywhere with enough sun and well-draining soil, including a bowl. Here’s how you can put one together yourself and hook your succulents up with some extra swanky living arrangements.

1.      First Thing’s First: Find Yourself A Bowl Or A Planter.

high-quality bowls and planters Melbourne

Be warned, high-quality bowls and planters can really cost you if you don’t know where to look! Home supply shops are usually a bad, pricy idea so stay away and head to a two dollar shop instead: those usually have a great, relatively-inexpensive range of bowls and planters and things like that. If you’re up to the idea of trawling the internet, FB Marketplace can really turn up some unexpected gems. Whatever you end up with, you’ve got to make sure it’s got holes on the bottom or water will collect in the bottom and cause root-rot.

2.      Layer Some Rock And Put Down Some Potting Soil.

Potting Soil in bowl

Add a layer of rock to the bottom of your bowl, especially if you’ve got one that’s particularly deep. This’ll aid in drainage and ensure soil doesn’t become waterlogged. Succulents like soil that’s well-drained and sandy, so your standard, moist/dense potting mix won’t do. Opt for a cheap potting mix that does not have wetting agent added to it.

3.      Add Succulents.

succulent bowl Melbourne


This is the best part of putting together a succulent bowl, and probably also the most confusing! You’ll want to opt for a diverse variety of succulents: there should be some bigger ones, a few smaller ones, plenty of colourful ones and a trailer or 2 so your planter doesn’t look uniform or boring.


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