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Which Succulents Grow Best Indoors?

With a variety of succulents to choose from, trying to find the best for growing indoors can be overwhelming. In this article I’ll outline the best easy-to-please succulents and why.

Ideally when growing succulents indoors you want to choose a plant that requires low light and will withstand long periods of drought. Plants that require low light and less watering are great house guests and they will grow slower, so you don’t have to re-pot them as quickly as others.

Green succulents are good for growing inside as the colourful ones (red, purples, oranges) require more sunlight, tend to grow faster and will sometimes loose their vibrant colours and shape.

With that said… here are my suggestions for low maintenance, place and forget succulents for your home.

Haworthia Succulent

Haworthias – one of my favourites! I love the zebra variety with its white and green stripes. These little gems have all the traits for indoors – low light and drought proof. 

Gasteria Succulent 

Gasterias – these South African natives have bumpy textures and are a great low maintenance plant for indoors.

Crassula Succulent

 Crassulas – with hundreds of species to choose from including the famous Jade Plant, these water-smart plants are a lovely addition to your home of succulents. A bonus is this variety does not look odd when stretching.

Snake Plant 

Mother In laws Tongue a.k.a. Snake Plant – is an almost indestructible houseplant with a striking appearance. They thrive in low and artificial light conditions, little water and lots of neglect.

 So, there you have it – three species of easy to please, low maintenance succulents to grow indoors.



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