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Winter Care for Succulents in Australia

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Succulents are a great addition to any place. They require little but specific care. Here are some winter care instructions for succulents in Australia.

Aeoniums, sedums, agaves and sempervivums! Succulents are a popular choice of plants to grow in Australia, owing to their hardiness, exquisite beauty, and ability to propagate easily. Caring for your succulents in Australia depends on where you are located on this massive continent which dictates how cold winter will get for your succulents. The diverse Australian climate can range from tropical, subtropical, temperate, desert dry to freezing cold in winter (based on latitudinal position). However, there should not be much cause for concern as succulents are easy to take care of during winter in Australia.

Follow these tips to make sure your succulents are being taken care during the Australian winter season:


Over-watering and under-watering are major concerns when it comes to succulents. You will want to water your succulents monthly during winter. Make sure that you give the soil enough time to dry between watering sessions. If you notice that the potting mix or soil is too dried up, and your plant has wrinkled up, it may be time to help it hydrate again. In tropical and equatorial Australian climate zones, you will have to watch out for humidity and rain which can put your precious plants at the risk of being over-watered.


Cold temperate and Alpine regions are where the snow can settle on the ground for a few days. Your succulent may be showing signs of distress if you notice light frost on the leaf tips. These symptoms could be pointing towards frost burn. Don’t peel away dried leaves which are still part of the succulent. Instead, wrap your succulent in a frost cloth or bedsheet to keep it warm, and help it fight against the frost. Alternative, you can choose to bring your succulents indoors, place them on the sunniest window sill, or protect them in a greenhouse for the harshest parts of winter.


Most succulents love bathing in plentiful sunlight. While there are varieties whose leaves are burnt by extremely harsh sunlight, you will not need to worry about this during winter in Australia. Succulents enjoy extra light, especially during the cold season where it can get chilly. You will know if your succulents are receiving enough sunlight through indications such as widely spaced leaves, an elongated stem and leaves full of life and colour. To make sure your succulents are as colourful as possible, make sure they are exposed to enough sunlight during the winter season.


You goal for the soil that you are using to grow your succulents should be ensuring adequate drainage and aeration. You can find special soil mixes that are designed especially for succulents that drain quickly to prevent the roots from drowning in too much water. You need to be particularly careful about soil during the winter season. If you don’t have access to an appropriate pot mix, add an inorganic agent to the soil to allow enough oxygen to penetrate through the soil particles. Make sure that you stop adding fertiliser to your succulent’s soil completely during the winter season. Save it for the growing season in summer!

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