Why are succulents trendy? Are they here to stay?

Succulents have been popular for hundreds of years. They've been used for treating burns, air filters and as hallucinogens. The ancestors of the succulent sitting on your desk or windowsill may even have a darker past.

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Succulents for Beginners

  New to the world of succulents? Well this is the article for you. Welcome to succulents for newbies, an easy no frills guide on how to take care of your Happy Little Succulent and what to do when it’s ready to be relocated to a new pot. Happy Little Succulents are easy to care for and hard to kill. Stick to our two simple rules and your succulent is sure to thrive. With that said, there is a way you can harm them – with too much water! That’s right, you can drown your plant with the love you...

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