Mini Succulent Plants

Are you looking for a birthday, get well or corporate gift?

Mini Succulents are our most popular succulent plants. They are easy to take care of and improve the appeal of any living space. These best-selling products are budget-friendly, thoughtful and well-meaning gift to share with others.

These healthy succulents are looking for a loving home. Can you help them out?

Our mini-succulent plants range includes the following:

  • Forever green mini-succulent (planted in an 8 cm diameter pot)
  • Succulent in a Heart Shaped Pot (green succulent planted in a 10 cm diameter heart-shaped pot)
  • Cute Cactus (planted in an 8 cm diameter pot)
  • Cute desk plant. Ideal for the office setting (planted in an 8 cm pot)
  • Mini succulents gift sets - lush plants paired with our favourite tea or soy scented candle.