Mother's Day Plant Gifts

The Perfect Mother’s Day is only a Succulent away

We know mums come in all shapes, sizes, ages and attitudes! Some mums run households, others run businesses and still others run both, hurrying from board meetings to violin lessons and everything in between.

Some still have children underfoot, others have long since been proud empty nesters. But all these mums have something big in common: there’s someone out there (be they a co-parent, child or ardent admirer) that better have an amazing thank-you prepared come the fourteenth of March. Does that sound like you? Say it all with the perfect online Mother’s Day plants to gift your mum.

Now, more than ever, the mum in your life deserves — nay, needs — stylish succulents for mother’s day to be Ooh-ed and Aah-ed at by passersby in her foyer or out in some sunny, dry spot in the garden.

Flowers are done to death, and nothing says after thought quite like a wilted, limp bouquet your mum’s going to have to toss in three days anyway. Do better: our huge, beautiful selection of succulents come in an array of different shapes and colors and sizes, so there’s bound to be something for even the pickiest mums.

Up on the mantel, or hanging by the window — nothing adds character to a space quite like a succulent. They’re a sure-fire way of breathing new life into a room! For the perfect, thoughtful Mother’s Day succulent gift box that is memorable, alive, gorgeous and forever choose Happy Little Succulent —  the favourite of mums since {whenever the business was started}.

For Everything You’ve Done and Continue to do, Mum, We Love You.

Succulents for mother’s day? Yes please!

We’ll come right you --- each of our plants is hand-delivered, lovingly wrapped with your special message, and containing detailed care instructions that’ll help your mum look after her new succulent.

Mother’s Day plant delivery in Australia has never been so easy. Just pick a succulent from our collection, pen a thoughtful note and leave the rest to us! Your mum can look forward to her succulent Mother’s Day gift reaching her before 5pm!