About Us – Happy Little Succulents

About Us

Hey! I’m Michelle, and I am the proud owner of Happy Little Succulents!

Our story

Located in Sydney, Happy Little Succulents was a venture that started in February 2019 as a small operation when we found ourselves in possession of a surplus of succulents! On any other day, we would tell you that there is no such thing as ‘having too many succulents’ and would hate to get rid of them because of how obsessed we are, but our garden barely had enough space to house them! We turned to Facebook pages and online selling groups to find our plant friends a home. That is when Happy Little Succulents was born.

We have been sharing the happiness with the rest of the world since!

Spreading joy through succulents

Succulents are adorable plant friends that are easy to take care of and do not require extensive maintenance either. These exotic and colorful plants can liven up any living space with their decorative touch and change the energy in any room by virtue of their natural and organic presence. Ever since I arrived in Australia, I have been obsessed with growing succulents for the past 20 years. After years of caring for my plant buddies, I believe that we have understood what it means to appreciate the beauty of succulents and the bond you can form with them. At Happy Little Succulents, we would like others to enjoy the same experience!

Where we stand today

Today, Happy Little Succulents has transformed from a small operation into a well-established business. Our business operates outside home, at Manly Vale, 2093. From starting an online succulents shop to being met with enormous success, we have enjoyed the challenges around every corner. It has not been easy, but our efforts have paid off!

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If you ever find yourself in the Manly region, then you need to check out our succulents! You might be surprised to find some beautiful treasures that we currently do not sell online.