About Me

Hello, my name is Michelle and I’ve been operating my Happy Little Succulents shop since February 2019. It’s a small operation, consisting of me, myself, and I. The idea of selling succulents as a gift option started one day in the garden when I had (once again) an oversupply of succulents. Initially, I thought to sell them through Facebook’s Buy, Swap and Sell pages, but as the idea grew it expanded to an online shop, selling at Manly Market Place and supplying florists with my bespoke designs.  

My experience with succulents started 20 years ago when I arrived in Australia from Canada. You see, at the time growing succulents and cacti indoors in my cold native country was unheard of, but here in Australia I was introduced to these exotic plants that come in a rainbow of colours and are easy to take care of. And so, my obsession and journey of growing them began.

Fast forward to today and my little business operates out of home at Manly Vale, 2093 . I have an Aussie partner, 2 very Aussie kids, the obligatory northern beaches “oddle” dog and a very large boisterous English Sussex chicken – who by the way does not lay eggs and loves to eat my succulents!

It’s been a fantastic journey starting my own online shop, with the usual highs and lows that come with it. If you are ever in the Manly area and would like to see my collection of pots and succulents for sale that are not on the website, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading till the end! Michelle