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Australian Corporate Gifts | Happiness delivered

From showing employees you care to corporate Christmas gift ideas for clients, our extensive range of distinctive, contemporary succulents are perfect corporate gifts in Australia to communicate that you care. We offer competitive, discounted pricing and Australia-wide delivery on all corporate orders.

Our Corporate gifting packages in Australia are perfect for:

  • Product launches
  • Invitations
  • Restaurant openings
  • Event promotions
  • Competition prizes
  • Staff gifts
  • Client 'thank you' gifts

Bespoke Corporate Gifting in Australia for your Clients and Staff

Gift greener with our Australian corporate gifts delivery.

Whether you want to help employees adjust to a rapidly changing workplace, express your appreciation to valued clients by gifting them something forever or just spruce up your offices --- we’d love to help.

Give the Gift that Grows

Customizable branded succulent and plant gifts are the best corporate gifts for clients and colleagues.

Plants make people happy. And happier employees are more engaged, productive and present.

We know every member of your team is unique. Is your space pet friendly? We’ve got you.

Is there a serious low-light problem? We can make it work.

Our team will help you pick the plants best suited to your team’s individual needs --- because you really can please everyone. At least with plants.

Want to Get a Personalised Australian Corporate Gift? Let’s Have a Conversation.

Bespoke corporate gift delivery in Australia.

We know doing more is important to you. That’s why we work with you to better understand your requirements so we can go above and beyond to ensure your bespoke corporate order is everything you thought it’d be.

Your vision made real --- our designers will collaborate with you to deliver an expertly-branded, hyper-personal memorable gifting experience unlike any other.

Multiple Shipping Locations for Corporate Giftings in Australia?

We’ve got it.

Have your plants delivered to each of your employees individually, or have them shipped to one location for a spectacular unboxing with Happy Little Succulents.

Plant Service for Corporate Businesses in Australia

Plants do more than just look pretty --- they make us happier, improve productivity, clean the air and plain old make us feel better.

That’s why they’re especially important in the workplace! We understand keenly the need for plants in the corporate centres and winding, never-ending concrete jungles, and we’d love to help you bring a little more of the outside in whatever your environment. From large corporations to small businesses, workspaces and even retail or dining environments --- we’d love to help you meet your greenery goals!

We offer Special Discounts for Australian Corporate Gifts and customize your order in accordance with your needs.